For this website we use the gtag.js Javscript Library from Google Analytics 4 to keep track of how often and which pages of this website are visited. This allows us to optimize the design of the website according to browsing behavior. Example: if a particular page is frequently visited, it can be useful to make it easier for the end user to find.

To enable tracking of page visits, Google Analytics places a gtag first-party cookie to distinguish between unique users, and differentiate between sessions for a user. At met Potlood en Penseel, we have also chosen to use the IP anonymization feature of Google Analytics, which mask the last characters of the IP address (of the website visitor). The full IP address is never stored with Google Analytics, and therefore no personal data is stored with Google Analytics.

Finally, the website of met Potlood en Penseel occasionally displays a banner with important information at the top of the website. This can be clicked away by the user. Next time you visit the website, this banner will not appear again. In order to remember that this banner has already been clicked away during such repeated website visits, we place information (a unique ID) from this banner in a local database of your browser called local storage. We then read this storage during subsequent website visits to determine whether the banner should be hidden.

Because we do not collect personal data, as mentioned, an initial cookie banner (to accept cookies) is therefore not necessary. This page with an explanation of cookie use seemed informative to us, for the sake of completeness.